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Various pieces of recent written work

In considering various aspects of clothing, fabric and art this section will include some of Jane Farley's latest research and ideas.


Textile Work.

The work currently on show are wall hangings which are part of a series based on the affective nature, delicacy and beauty of fabric and clothing.  I wanted to explore and express their capacity to embody history, memory and traces of the owner's physical presence.


This romantic and emotional notion is layered with references to the physical processes of making - the materials, equipent, techniques and ultimately the places and the people who did the making.


From soft, loosely woven fabric to shiny silks, patterned, coloured materials are set side-by-side or layered.  Pins, needles, thread and reels recall my mother's sewing box and tools of the garment industry.


Pinned, tacked, sewn, torn, cut and folded are all the consecutive processes and techniques practiced here - some moments of the process left deliberately unfinished hinting at an exploration of time itself.



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